Review Exam Business Management Year 11 Semester 2



�Marketing is all about advertising.�  Do you agree with this statement? Discuss.

2. All formal communications should be in writing, because it is obviously important�. Do you agree with this statement?  Discuss.

3. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of direct and indirect distribution channels in marketing.

4. What is the80/20 effect? What are its implications to a business?

5. Technology is widely used in communications by businesses, yet, some people believe it can be an aid and a constraint to effective communications. Discuss

6. �If a business has done all the right things, it need not be concerned about how others perceive it�. Discuss this statement.

7. Compare and contrast �planned public relations from �unplanned� or �crisis� public relations.

8. Explain why a business often segments its market

9.  Discuss the importance of Branding?

10. Describe how you would extend the product life cycle of the Personal Computer (PC) as the sales of this product is reducing dramatically with the introduction of the tablet computer, (The IPad, Samsung Galaxy, ASUS Eee Pad etc.)

11. Identify instances where technology has enhanced the distribution of information to the public sector and how technological advances have influenced public relations techniques

12. Markets are usually divided into 3 dimensions. What are some of the factors included in the behavioural dimensions?

13.    Provide a rationale for the development of ethical public relations techniques, and how ethical considerations should influence public relations practices.

14.  Use an example to explain the concept if The Total Product?

III Applications.

1. Provide an example of a product or service that is at the decline stage of the product life cycle. Offer some strategies in terms of marketing mix to delay the decline.

2. Use an example from the business world to explain what an open ended question is. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using open ended questioning in business communications.

3. After youhave conducted a survey among customers about the businesses customer service, assess the Semantic Differential Assessment below and explain to the owner what information it represents.










Friendly service


Not friendly




Very Knowledgeable


Not Knowledgeable

Flexible to customer needs














  You are the owner of a Tea House. To offer superior quality and special flavours and to cutout the middleman you source your teas directly from China and other Asian Countries. Recently, the local newspaper and a popular radio station have targeted your shop imports as teas produced by slaves. The report also alleges that many types of tea processed in China and India, are processed in dirty and unhygienic environments without strict occupation health and safety controls.The allegations suggest the tea could be detrimental to the health of consumers.

Many customers have expressed concern over these reports with sales levels beginning to drop.You must deal with this crisis urgently.

Outline a step-by-step action plan to rectify this situation, where possible, include desired outcomes or objectives.


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