In this section you will find many pictures and many videos.

Ask your mum and dad to open and watch these pictures and videos with you! :)

They will read the texts with you and help you learn a LOT about dragons!!

Your mommy and daddy will learn a lot about dragons too!

And then you can play, sing the songs, colour the drawings, draw other dragons of your own, and have a lot of fun with dragons!

Have a good DRAGON ROAR together!!



Brass Dragon by SaKoz-Unleashed CC BY-NC-ND http://bit.ly/1wOgj3X
Description: Dragons typically love sleeping over large amounts of gold as if it was their bed! This is particularly true for EVIL DRAGONS, who are AMBITIOUS and GREEDY. Not always, but in many cases dragons are considered dangerous and evil.
Little Purple Dragon_by_falvie CC BY-NC-ND http://bit.ly/1uhYcm8
Description: This baby dragon is flying! It has got a pair of small wings and two horns on top of its head. Its skin is covered in purple scales and its eyes are dark purple. It has got a dorsal fin on its head and back too! As you can see, dragons can be of many colours! What colours would you paint your dragon?
A Spanish Dragon: Ram�n el Drag�n! :D

Description: Some dragons speak in Spanish! And do so to practise the Spanish 'rr' sound, different from the English one or from other languages. Would you like to sing along with Ram�n el Drag�n? Here is the song! "Canci�n Infantil Ram�n el Drag�n " by Orientaci�n And�jar.
Komodo dragon with tongue. By Mark Dumont - Flickr There Be Dragons. CC BY http://bit.ly/1B07kRc
Description: There are many other animals that look like dragons. They are REPTILES: they also have scales and look a little bit like dragons, but very smaller!! Snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles and tortoises are reptiles. One living animal that looks a lot like a real dragon is the Komodo dragon! It is the largest lizard on Earth!
Chinese Dragon 2012 by GoShow CC BY-SA http://bit.ly/1xGCK9x
Description: But some people really, really like dragons because they think that dragons are good! Chinese people think that dragons are their friends! They think dragons bring GOOD FORTUNE, and arrange festivals and give parties to honour them! This picture shows one beautiful dragon in a festival. It is very long like a SNAKE, and very bright!
St George and the dragon by Sego2860 CC BY-ND http://bit.ly/1weuyes
Description: In many fairy tales and legends, noble and good knights fight and kill evil dragons! One of these knights is St. George. He is believed to have slayed many evil dragons and rescued many damsels in distress in ancient times! In this picture, you can see bright St. George fighting a fearful dragon!
Thomas and the dragons story!

Description: Watch the narration of how Thomas the Tank Engine, his friend Percy and the smurfs help the inhabitants of Castle Dragon! "Thomas and The Dragons Story, The Smurfs Kids Thomas The Train Toy Story Dragon Monsters Smurf" by ToyTrains4U
Do The Dragon! Dance and move!

Description: If you do these dragon exercises you will be fit, strong, and sunny! "Do The Dragon - Children's "brain based" fitness workout" by Kids-Move/RONNO.
Sienese School of the 14th century - St. Michael and the Dragon - Google Art Project. Public Domain http://bit.ly/10PPzmK
Description: St. Michael is the Archangel of Protection. He is like a man but he has got big FEATHER wings on his back, and he is also famous for killing evil dragons. In this picture you can see St. Michael. He has got red wings, a SHIELD, a golden ARMOUR and golden hair. He is attacking an evil dragon with a SPEAR.
VarnaDragons by Grantscharoff. CC BY-SA http://bit.ly/1xGIgcc
Description: Like all lizards and reptiles, dragons LAY EGGS! They are very protective of their eggs until they HATCH, and then a cute baby dragon is born. In this picture you can see a dragon mommy and a dragon daddy holding their egg with love. Which dragon do you think is the mommy? And which one is the daddy?
The Butterfly Dragon - by Sushan Yue (UNSWTV)

Description: This is a beautiful story of friendship between a magic Butterfly Dragon and a young faun from the forest. Real sweet! "The Butterfly Dragon" by UNSWTV.
The Leafy Sea Dragon

Description: Not all dragons are about fire and flying! Some dragons belong to the sea... like this one! "Leafy Sea Dragon Nursery Rhyme | ChuChu TV Sea World | Animal Songs & Nursery Rhymes for Children" by ChuChu TV Kids Songs.
Sing and Dance like a Happy Dragon!

Description: Do you ever feel happy, or sad, or angry? Dragons too! With this funny song you will learn how dragons express their emotions. Can you sing and dance like them, too? "Happy Dragon - Fun Song For Kids" by Helen Doron Song Club
NDM Dinosaur Garden - Tyrannosaurus rex by NationalDinosaurMuseum CC BY-SA http://bit.ly/1swg1bV
Description: Dragons are not real!! But some animals look a lot like dragons, and they were real in the past. DINOSAURS look a lot like dragons, and they lived on Earth many, many years ago! We don't really know what dinosaurs looked like, because we only have their bones! But they definitely looked like dragons.
Amber Dragon - Ready Pose by Epic-Slant-Press. CC BY-NC-SA http://bit.ly/1wOfhVJ
Description: This is a baby dragon! It has got big, blue eyes and HORNS on top of his head. Dragons' skin is covered with SCALES. This dragon's scales are GOLDEN. It has just picked up a white flower from the ground. It looks very friendly and having fun in the countryside!!
Ruby Dragon - Ready Pose by Epic-Slant-Press CC BY-NC-SA http://bit.ly/1wOk89c
Description: This baby dragon is different from the previous one! It is small and cute too! But its scales are bright red. It has got big, green eyes. It enjoys living in the fire! Probably, it doesn't like cold weather at all! Some dragons are different, though! They like to live in the water, or on the ice, or under the ground. All dragons enjoy natural places, but none of them like big cities!
D&D red dragon1 by LittleDrakon CC BY-SA http://bit.ly/1svxWzt (names and arrows added)
Description: But... what is a dragon?? A dragon is a character from fairy tales! They are MYTHICAL: that is, they are not real but they appear in many, many fairy tales from all around the world! In this picture you can see the many different parts of a dragon's body: they have a pair of wings, a long tail, a dorsal fin, talons on their paws and wings and sharp fangs in their mouth. They are really, really big and fearsome! Look at the man near the dragon: How small he is!!
Chinese Dragon Felt Wallhanging by Jennie Ivins CC BY-NC-SA http://bit.ly/1qC7kwU
Description: Chinese dragons are different from our dragons! They look like very, very long snakes that fly in the sky! In China, dragons are considered WISE, STRONG and PROTECTIVE. This picture shows a Chinese dragon embroidered on felt with a yellow sun or a star in his hand.

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