Zombie Survival WebQuest



1. You will divide into groups of 2 or 3.

2. Divide up the following 6 categories and choose who will be the decision-maker for each.  You will provide complete answers for the sections that you are responsible for that fulfill the rubric listed below.  The rubric will apply to all six of the categories.  Write down what you like and don't like about each one of the decisions you have chosen. Make notes that are sufficiently detailed that you can explain your position when you get together with the others in your group. Your instructor will keep track so that everyone will finish at the same time.  The following websites will assist you during this assignment. 

Websites that describe zombies:





Websites that describe zombie plans:

http://www.cdc.gov/phpr/zombies/#/page/1 (Official comic of the US government’s Center for Disease Control)


http://blog.visual.ly/zombie-apocalypse-19-infographics-to-help-you-survive/ (pictures!)

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-hornor-jacobs/10-essentials-for-survivi_b_1658924.html#s1202072&title=1_Running_Shoes (PG13)


http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/tip-sheet/article/52517-how-to-survive-the-zombie-apocalypse.html (less serious)


Using these websites you must decide on what to do with the following items:

                Category 1:  Zombie Weapons.  What types of weapon(s) will you choose?  Why did you make these decisions?  Be sure to consider all factors about the weapon in your decision.  For example, how much does it weigh?  Are you any good at using the weapon?  Will it make noise?  Does it serve any secondary purpose besides fighting zombies?  For this decision, be sure that you also include reasons why you think your choice of weapons is better than other options.

                Category 2:  Supplies.  What supplies do you need to have to survive?  Why did you make these decisions?  Be sure to consider all factors about your supplies when explaining your decision.  For example, how much will your supplies weigh?  What situations do you think these supplies will be helpful for?  For your choice of supplies, be sure to include reasons you feel these supplies are better than other supplies. 

                Category 3:  Size of Group.  Will your group seek out more people?  What is the best number of people for your group to survive?  Are there certain types of people you would be looking for to group up with?  Are there some you would avoid?  Be sure to support all of your answers with the reasons behind your decisions.

               Category 4:  Fortify Springdale.  How would you try to survive in Springdale?  Would you hide in someone’s home?  Would you pick a store or school or other building as a base?  How would you fortify your position?  Is your base close to supply sources?  Be sure to support all of your answers with specific information that is driving your decisions.  Why is your decision better than other options?

              Category 5: Forced to flee.  Springdale has been overrun.  Your group has to flee.  How are you going to do this?  What will be your choice of transportation?  Which direction will you head?  What places do you think might be safe?  How will you make your decisions?  As always, support your answers to show the reasons you are making your decisions.

              Category 6:  Survival plan.  What are your long term plans?  How do you plan on surviving long term?  Be sure to consider your food and water supply.  What will you do as supplies run out such as gasoline, generators (or electricity in general), and ammunition?  Show your decision making process in your answers. 

3. Now work with you group. Share your opinions about each. Your task is to arrive at consensus that takes each perspective into account.  Your group will complete a presentation that shows your decisions.  This presentation can be done by using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Prezi.com, pencil and paper, or other materials approved by your teacher. 

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