Dream Vacation



1. After the complicated task of figuring out where exactly you want to go on this dream vacation you need to figure out how you're getting there! Here are some websites to use whether you want to go by train, boat, or on a plane. You need to figure out how much it will cost to travel to your destination and back home, hopefully you will be able to find some good deals!




2. After you decide how you will get to your destination, you need to decide how you will get around at your destination! Will you rent a car, scooter, or many even ride a bus. You need to find which mode of transportation is best for the place you will be going, if you even need transportation.

3. Where will you sleep? A hotel or other type of housing is very crucial during your stay at the destination of choice. How long will you stay? How much does a hotel room cost a night? Is there room service you want that costs extra? Here is a website to hopefully give you a good deal on a hotel room.


4. Food? You need to find at least 4 restaurants that you plan on eating at and discover how much it will cost for the meal of your choice, from the appetizer down to the refill of your drink.

5. We can't forget about those exciting recreational activities. You need to find at least 5 places that you plan on going at your destination. Who knows, maybe some places you decide to go will be free! How does it sound to swim with the dolphins or snowboard through the mountains?

6. Those are all of the major expenses but there are many other activities that you can't forget about in your planning. You need to make a list of extras that you will need to pay for. What about gas money, shopping, or luggage fees?

7. Lastly, you will need to create a table to explain what all you found out about your destination. Every fee and expense needs to be included on this table and come up with the total amount of money you would have spent on this dream vacation. With this table you need to type a short reflection explaining what you learned about planning a large vacation. Was it more expensive than you thought? Also, just think about how it would change if you brought a friend along with you.

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