Word preposition of place



First, you need to know what is preposition of place. Please watch this teacher .

  1. Make a list  of 'preposition of place' words that the teacher talks about in the you tube.Complete the list with words from this link and right an example for each one.  You can use the following information to help you. 
  2. Answer the following question in your notebook : what do the teacher say in order to know which word is the preposition in a sentence? For an extra help listen to this song.
  3. Practice the subject with the help of these links . practice game no. 1 practice game no. 2 ,practice game no. 3
  4. Open, in a new window, these pages and answer the questions on this on line quiz.


Second, in groups of 2-3 pupils, make a kids story book. In the book, each page will have a picture and a sentence that describes the picture using a preposition of place, punctuation and capitalization marks were needed. The book should have between 10-15 pages. Use a different preposition on each page. The sky is the limit: you can use cut out pictures, crayons, photos and so on.Take a look at this link to get some ideas .

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