Berlin Wall Scavenger Hunt



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1. When and how was the Berlin Wall built?

2. Why was it built?

3. Who built it?

4. Which "side" gained by having the wall built?

5. How was Berlin divided after World War II?

6. How much did it cost the government to build?

7. How many people did it take to build it?

8. What were its dimensions?

9. Where did it split Berlin?

10. What was it made of?

11. What did it symbolize then, when it was around, and now, that it's gone?

12. Why was it such a "big deal?"

13. When and why did it come down?

14. Where are the "remains" of the Berlin Wall?

15. Did people get in trouble for spray painting on it?

16. What were some examples of things spray-painted on the wall?

17. Why did the East side not let people go up to it?

18. Do some people still want to have the wall up?

19. How was life in East Berlin compared to West Berlin while the Berlin Wall was standing? (1961-1989)

20. How has life changed (improved, suffered´┐Ż) since reunification (die Wende)?

21. What was each side's economy like?

22. Who named it the "Berlin Wall?"

23. Who was the architect?

24. Who were the leaders at the time (GDR, FRGUSSRUSACanada)?

25. How many people were able to escape while the Berlin Wall was up? Describe one story of escape.

26. What was it like to "escape?"

27. Where is the Berlin Wall still standing?

28. What happened to those who tried to escape?

29. What were different methods they used to escape?

30. Describe one additional item you found interesting from our exploration of the Berlin Wall era.

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