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Part 1

Here is the list of the 13 colonies from which to choose.

1. Virginia
2. Massachusetts
3. New Hampshire
4. Maryland
5. Connecticut
6. Rhode Island
7. Delaware
8. N. Carolina
9. S. Carolina
10. New Jersey
11. New York
12. Pennsylvania
13. Georgia

Part 2

Once you  have chosen a colony you may have time on the computer and go to Google.com find out the year it was founded and by whom. Write 3 important and interesting facts about your colony. 

Part 3

Find and print pictures of the colony and where it is located on the map.

Part 4.

Gather all the important facts and research together to begin your essay. Be sure to print any pages yout hink will help you write your paper.

Part 5

When you have finished writing your rough draft bring it to your teacher to proof read and make corrections. Once all corrections have been corrected you may type and print your paper and get ready to read your essay to the class.


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