Create a Business Letter Using Word 2010



Use the Resources below to complete each of the tasks
Check under the Evaluation menu item for Rubric

  1. Open up the link to read Writing the Basic Business Letter.
  2. View the video The Key Forms of Business Writing.
  3. Identify the parts of a business letter by opening up the document Business Letter Example, labeling the parts, and printing your completed worksheet and place in your notebook.
  4. Open the link to read Writing a Business Letter.  Here you will learn specifically what you may write in each of the paragraphs of the letter.
  5. Choose a scenerio and create a business letter following the rubric requirments that are listed in the Evaluation tab.
  6. Once you have finished writing your business letter and have done the worksheet post both of them to the appropreate assessment in blackboard. (you will post 2 files to 1 assessment)



  • File
    Description: Business Letter Example

Description: The Key Forms of Business Writing Video

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