Time in Social Studies



Take pre-quiz

  • View Video on the inventions of the wheel CLICK HERE (6:16) 4.4.PO2 VP-F1
  • Learn how to research World history with this time capsule.  After clicking this link put a date in the On This day in History CLICK HERE 2.1. PO1
  • Use the America on the Move Website to slide through time in travel. Slide the bar on the timeline to see how time has changed transportation CLICK HERE 1.1.PO1 VP-F1 4.4.PO2
  • Journalize five different times and events in American History and turn it. LA1.1.PO5
  • Journalize three ways time has changed the way farmer get products to the grocer. THENNOW 5.1.PO4 LA1.1.PO5
  • Turn in your paper.
  • Think of six to nine things you have done over the last year and write them down and when you did them.

Ask your parents for help.

Create timeline from Mondays homework. 1.1. PO1

  • Click on the links below to add the information we have documented in class (the six to nine events for the last year)
  • Create your time line and print. 
  • Six Item Time Line (Horizontal) CLICK HERE
  • Nine Item Time Line (Vertical) CLICK HERE
If you finish a head of time play the Hang man game.


Get in to groups of four each group will research for the journal writing on timelines on our national symbols and monuments that represent American Democracy and values.
2.1.PO1 LA1.1PO53.1.PO1

  • Group one-Statue of Liberty CLICK HERE (3:17) Additional information CLICK HERE
  • Write times in history that are special to Lady Liberty.
  • Group two-Ellis Island CLICK HERE  (5:20) Additional information CLICK HERE
  • Write times in  history that are special to Ellis Island.

  • Group three-Lincoln Memorial CLICK HERE (10:58)
  • Write times in  history that are special to the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Group four U.S. Capitol CLICK HERE (5:01)
  • Write times in  history that are special to the U.S. Capitol.

Each group will make a small time line on your topic using any classroom materials to hand in.
*Share with the other groups what your finding were. Each group will take three minutes to tell the other group what they learned and the next group will tell the other group what they learned.


Groups finish your group project time lines and write a short paragraph about it.
Each team member can write a different part of the paragraph. LA1.1PO5

CLICK HERE(10:37) to watch video on American symbols
Play hangman game (vocab).


  • Take post-Quiz
  • Spelling test
  • Go to Game page and play the games on transportation.

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