ˇVamos a Costa Rica!


Areas of Evaluation

Level 1 – Does not meet standard

Level 2 – Evidence of effort

Level 3- Acceptable

Level 4 – Expert!

Lab Time/Class time

Delay in starting; not focused; little accomplished

Sometimes off-focus; More could have been accomplished

Began work; Showed interest; Began to fill in Travel Document

Amazing focus and excellent use of time.  Results evident!

Travel Document

Messy, incomplete

Missing, inaccurate or incomplete answers

Completed; mostly accurate answers  

Detailed, neat, accurate, evidence of careful reading

Group Participation

Limited contributions; non-participatory

Some participation but little leadership; mostly listened.

Shared ideas; helped get group focused.

Leadership evident; Helped define group presentation; kept group on task

Presentation: Content & Format

Is that all you have to share?  Definitely not an expert!

I need to know & see more!

What you shared is ok, but limited….

Solid presentation.  Almost “expert”.  Visuals aided comprehension.

Captured group’s interest with clear visuals and interesting information.   Lots of detail and evidence of “expertise”

Presentation: Pronunciation

What language are you speaking?! 

More practice needed.  Difficult to understand.

Some errors but did not interfere with comprehension.

Amazing pronunciation.





Teacher Notes:  (I will use http://roobrix.com/ to determine grade:  4 levels/5 criteria; 60% passing)








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