¡Vamos a Costa Rica!



PHASE I:  Explore!  One Class period and additional online time as homework

·       Explore the links below

·       Fill in required information on Travel Document(see file)

·       Turn in Travel Document at end of WebQuest

I.       Become familiar with Costa Rica’s geography(map) and weather.  I have suggested some links.  You are welcome to search for more information on your own!  (You will be asked to fill in some information on your travel document)

A.    Google map of C. R. http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/map/google_map_costa_rica.htm

B.    Get to know the Provinces:

1.   http://www.1-costaricalink.com/costa_rica_provinces.htm

2.   Scroll over this map to see provinces: http://www.anywherecostarica.com/maps

·       Volcanoes (Arenal & others)  http://geology.com/volcanoes/arenal/costa-rica-volcanoes-map.gif

·       Cities – San José, Limón, + others 

http://www.hotel-presidente.com/san-jose-costa-rica-attractions.aspx (San José)

·       Parks and national forests http://www.anywherecostarica.com/attractions/national-park


II.  Culture:  http://www.globeaware.org/costa-rican-culture                                                                                    

 Food:   http://www.bestwestern.com.mx/comida-tradicional-en-costa-rica/ 

 FunFacts about Costa Rica http://costarica.com/travel/fun-facts/

III.     Preview some vacation options (YouTubevideos) – Fill in information on “Travel Document”

_____1.          http://youtu.be/ZvXNWz6qhfM(Introduction to Costa Rica)

_____2.          http://youtu.be/I63uqusVAv8  (general options)

_____3.          http://youtu.be/5bgY-6OTpI0  (Westin Vacation promotion)

_____4.          http://youtu.be/wj7lqkla4qI  (lots of beautiful images)

_____5.          http://youtu.be/CXyI54Bl4tI  (features a hotel “Los Sueños”)

IV.    Create a Vacation Package :  Check out these online travel sites:  (See travel document)

_____1. http://www.entercostarica.com/

_____2. http://www.costaricaresorts.com/?source=google

_____3. http://www.visitcostarica.com/ict/paginas/home.asp?ididioma=2

_____4. http://www.anywherecostarica.com/destinations  (lots of info here if you click!)

_____5. http://www.arenal.net/costa-rica-volcanoes.htm(focus on volcanoes)

 Be sure to click on various links at the above sites – you will find “mucha información” if you do this!  You can plan your own personal vacation, based on your interests and your imagination!  Which of these kinds of vacations interests you the most? (Fill in on Travel Document)

ü Adventure

ü Beach/Fishing/Snorkeling/Surfing

ü Honeymoon

ü Family

ü Wildlife Safaris

ü Educational

ü Cultural

ü Nature/Hiking

ü Golfing

IV.   Plan daily itinerary (for 3 days).  Use vocabulary from Unit 1 (Avancemos 2),Lessons 1 and 2, plus additional vacation activities that you need.

       V.    ¡Haz la maleta!  Based on recommendations at web sites,  what will you pack?


PHASE II: Select an “Expert”  Role  that you will play

_____1.         Nature Expert:  flora and fauna of Costa Rican rainforests

_____2.         Volcano Park Guide

_____3.         Tour Guide for an Adventure Vacation

_____4.         Vacationer at a Costa Rican beach resort

_____5.         Travel Agent for a Costa Rican Tour Company

Phase III - Group Assignment

Get with your group members (those who selected same role)and decide on how you will present your information.  You will have parts of 2 class periods to discuss, share, and delegate responsibilities. You will have to use some out-of-class time to prepare visuals.  Your goal will be to communicate clearly and as thoroughly as possible on your assigned topic.  You may use present tense Spanish to present your information. 

Suggestions for using Spanish:

_____1.          Hay – There is, There are

_____2.          Estar(location)

_____3.          Es/Son+ adjectives to describe

_____4.          Pienso que/Creo que + statement  ( to express opinions) = I think that/I believe that…

_____5.          Se puede + infinitive = You can (see, visit,swim…etc.)

_____6.          Es divertido/Es possible + infinitive = It’s fun to…/It’s possible to…



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