Ocean Habitats

Step 3: Learn about life in the twilight and midnight zones.


Today you are going to examine the creatures that live in the darker parts of the ocean. What adaptations allow them to survive there?

  1. Explore the websites and view the photos and videos. 
  2. What does bio-luminescent mean? Find the definition and tell at least two other classmates. 
  3. Using black or blue construction paper and poster crayons, create an illustration of your favorite deep sea creature. Write two interesting facts about the creature on white paper and glue it to your illustration.
  4. Learn how glow sticks can teach us more about deep sea creatures.


Web Link
  • How Glow Sticks Work
    Description: Did you know that bio-luminescent deep sea creatures and glow sticks have something in common? They both light up with a chemical reaction!

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