Ocean Habitats

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Now you can explore other marine habitats - and there are certainly more. The links below will take you there.

Your teacher has a scavenger hunt for you to complete as you visit these marine habitats. Good luck! Use your amazing research skills to solve the coded message.


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  • Arctic Ocean
    Description: Who knew that Polar Bears are ocean mammals?

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  • Tidal Zones
    Description: Tidal Zones are Marine Habitats that are closest to the shore.

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  • Salt Marsh
    Description: Not the ocean, but a saltwater habitat found near the coast of South Carolina

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  • Mangrove Swamps
    Description: These wild trees grow in saltwater. Scroll down the site to see the plants and animals of a mangrove swamp.

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  • The Open Ocean
    Description: You want sharks? You'll find them here, along with whales, dolphins, and lots of jellies.

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