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You will participating in a webquest to explore the culture and trends of the 1950s.  The various websites will present you with information on everything from Levittown to the trial of Alger Hiss (alleged Soviet spy).  Take your time going through the sites and remember to record your answers on your worksheet.

You are about to investigate a world that may seem very different from that which you live in today. It is often recalled as a simpler time, before video games, cell phones, or even computers.  You will probably be surprised at how well you can relate to, understand, and even learn from the teenagers in the 1950's.  On the surface the issues between adults and teenagers may seem wholly different, but at their core - they are exactly the same.  After all, this is the decade the word "teenager" was first used!

You will explore everything 1950's including:  

Pop  Culture: consumerism, advertising, music, fashion, hairstyles, cars, social activities, hangouts, slang, and teen idols 

Politics: McCarthyism, HUAC, Venona Project, the Rosenbergs,  and Alger Hiss

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