Kabuki - Japanese Dance Theatre



Kabuki is the stylized classical Japanese dance-drama. Often described as "bizzare" or "Avant-garde", the dance-drama of the Nihonjin, as the Japanese refer to themselves as, seamlessly weave costume, make-up, set design and technology, and immaculately controlled motion into a tapestry of fluid art. Here, more so than anywhere else, can the found the exact science of a bent wrist or the subtle difference between which eyebrow is raised. Such is their determination for perfection that is takes years and years to even get on stage.


A form of dance completely unique to the Japanese, it's popularity is so great that Kabuki even has it's own recognized style of writing, Kanteiryu. Costumes, Set, and Motion, all three things are essential to the production. No one aspect can dominate, or else the harmony of the piece is shattered. With all those aspects in mind, there is a task at hand....

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