National Heroes of Jamaica



Jamaica�s National Heroes dared to challenge the institution of colonialism and in so doing changed the course of Jamaica�s history giving social and political freedom to its people. Today, the statues of Jamaica�s seven National Heroes stand in proud acknowledgment, in the National Heroes Park in Kingston where they are viewed with inspiring pride, unforgettable symbols of Jamaica�s enduring strength.They challenged the institutions of slavery and dependency thereby changing the course of our history. Some shed their bloods and life because of the vision they shared for us.

         We salute them Respectfully;Marcus Garvey, Paul Bogle,Sir Alexander BustamanteGeorge William GordonSamuel "Sam" Sharpe,Norman Washington Manley & Nanny of the Maroons.
The least we can do is to show more unity and togetherness with each other and build on the foundations they have set for us to make our beloved country a beacon in the world!


Nanny of the Maroons

Description: Summary on the nanny of the maroons
Video on Marcus Garvey

Description: general information on Marcus Garvey

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