Factoring Polynomials Project - Elisabeth Peters



Congradulations!! You have now completed a full review of the Factoring Polynomials Unit and have a studyguide to prepare you for the Unit Test.


# 6 pts 4 pts 2 pts 0 pts Score
Creativity and Organization Foldable is created and completed with creativity and is visually appealing to the reader. Information is organized logically and is readily available to the student studying. Foldable is created and completed with creativity and information is somewhat organized. Slightly distracting visually. Foldable is created and completed. Basic and minimum. Organization is lacking. Foldable is not complete and organization doesn't exist.
Content Each of the starred items and 3 student choosen additional items have been included and completed in the foldable. Each of the starred items are included and completed, but missing some or all of the student chosen additional items. The starred items and student choosen items are not completed. None of the request content is complete.
Spelling/Grammar, Proofreading The foldable contains no error in spelling, grammar, or other errors. The foldable contains a few errors. The foldable contains many errors. The foldable has more errors than correct information.
Turned In On Time Late

Total Score: out of 20

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