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Welcome: Fiestas Patrias
Description: This webquest is an online exploration of the September celebration, Fiestas Patrias. Students will be able to virtually participate in and learn about this celebration.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Foreign Language
Keywords: Spanish, Fiestas Patrias, Mexico
Author(s): Frankie Williams


Las Reinas de Fiestas Patrias Ferndale, WA

Description: Did you know that Fiestas Patrias are celebrated right here in our backyard of Ferndale, Washington? Here from the Reinas themselves what it means to them to celebrate Fiestas Patrias and to be recognized for their culture and heritage.

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  • #fiestaspatrias on Twitter
    Description: Next to attending Fiestas Patrias yourself, there is no better way to get a true feel for the celebration that by checking out Web 2.0 applications. Follow the link to see what #fiestaspatrias has to offer.

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  • Una encuesta- Qu opinas t?
    Description: Read the responses of some compatriotas as they answer the question- What is your favorite part of Fiestas Patrias?

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  • Seattle Fiestas Patrias
    Description: Find out how this holiday is celebrated within our local Latino community. Will you attend this year? Find out how you can earn extra credit for attending and reporting on the event.
Qu se celebra?
Description: 1

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  • Qu se come para celebrar?
    Description: Follow the link to learn about typical dishes that are consumed in Mexico during Fiestas Patrias celebrations.

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