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Description: POEM could be beauty of this mind once swept the great golden gleam through palaces street days of plenty for false behold treasure times invasion tempted its white letter sweet love and victories parades sound stream some invitations wet lick still seems wrapt and the glory bell rings ever away how yet her true hue is never to stay yesterday today tomorrow is mapped spontaneity for now as it seems has passed this oceans shores for the better without detest i fall through the floor boards whole heartily this poison letter of histories saviour never was saw.
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: creative,poetic and imaginative
Author(s): Rossy Jean Bagas


Web Link
  • http://www.poemhunter.com/poems/
    Description: This is a website where you can go, and get poems. It don't matter what kind of poem it is, if you want a poem about a girl, it would be there, if you want a poem about Cinderella, it would be there. any poem, go to this website.

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