IB 11.2 Muscles and Movement



Welcome: IB 11.2 Muscles and Movement
Description: This lesson is designed to meet the assessment statements put forward in the IBO Course Guide (for first examination in 2009) for AHL Topic 11.2, Muscles and Movement taught in English. The course guide is designed to be taught over two years, so the material may be introduced either in the grade 11 or grade 12, as the teacher prefers and depending on the background of the students. A good vocabulary and foundation of cells, biochemistry and body systems is suggested before the candidate attempts the material herein. It is recommended that the core material for Topic 6.5, Nerves, Hormones, and Homeostasis is taught prior to this topic.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Science
Keywords: Skeletal muscle, contraction, joints, locomotion, muscular system
Author(s): Dr Michele Bertholf

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