Intro Self Portrait--Mr. Huff

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To successfully complete this lesson, students need to be given examples and practice.  Do not underestimate the effectiveness of demonstration.  I went to the trouble of adding the videos because until students see exactly what is expected of them, they will continue to draw from their memory or imagination.  The results will be mostly symbols and shapes for the features not accurate forms with shading and texture.  The initial self portrait was drawn at the beginning of the year, not immediately before this lesson.  I present this lesson just before the end of November right after a unit on painting animals.  I do this because, the student needs to have some confidence in their abilities to create a successful work based on observation.  The animal painting unit taught them the effectiveness of value change to create both forms and textures.  It also taught them to only add what they see.  As soon as they start to try and add what they think should be there, they run into trouble. 

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