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This course will introduce the student to basic
electrocardiography. Topics to be covered include: cardiac anatomy and
physiology, cardiac electrophysiology, lead systems, measurements, rhythm
recognition and more. With successful completion, students will demonstrate
proper skin preparation, electrode placement, recognition, and basic analysis
and interpretation of a 12-lead EKG. 


Academic Integrity - Academic honesty is expected at all times. Cheating is not tolerated. Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to, copying someone elses work as your own, using notes during a test where notes are not allowed, or purchasing a written paper from someone else. Possible consequences for cheating could include a zero on the assignment, dismissal from the program or expulsion from CCBC. The entire policy on academic honesty can be found on CCBCs web page.

Student Handbook - A student handbook that describes academic expectations of students is available on every Blackboard supplement/online for classes that run in the Division of Health and Human Services. It is your responsibility to read and understand this handbook.

Skills Competency Assessment: the skills competency is a pass/fail grade. You must pass the skills competency to pass the course.


For additional learning outside of the classroom, please go to: http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com/ekg-reference-guide.aspx


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