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Introduction :

Target group: The webquest is targeted for learners in the age of 13-16, Dutch school level VMBO Basis/ Kader or MBO (Care & Congress department). The target group has minimal background knowledge of words and grammar. The learners have studied limited grammar tenses and have low level vocabulary knowledge.  They are capable of looking up words in a dictionary  (They can use the dictionary link in the Webquest). They need new words in context to understand the vocabulary. The instructions in the Webquest have to be clear and simple.   

Our Goals: The general goal of the Webquest for learners is: 

Individually and independently  complete a task-based assignment using sources on the internet in the target language.The Webquest is initially meant for an individual assignment however can also be used in pairs, although the rubric as well as some assignments will need some adjustment if done so.The learners have to work individually to make their own business plan for their own restaurant. The learners have to present their business plan in front of class and have to reflect on the strong and weak points at the end of the process (self assessment /Evaluation form).  

Attainment targets: The webquest is linked to thefollowing attainment targets:                        

Kerndoel 11: LuistervaardigheidDe leerling leert verder vertrouwd te raken met de klank van het Engels door veel te luisteren naar gesproken en gezongen tekstenDeveloping reading & listening strategies. During some of the assignments they will have to go through spoken information listen to lyrics and looking for specific information before they make e decision which chef they will choose based on which reasons.  The learners have to listen for specific words used in the text.          

 Kerndoel 12:  Woordverwerving De leerling leert strategieën te gebruiken voor het uitbreiden van zijn Engelse woordenschat The use of new words making a menu card. Writing assignment "Head Chef" 

Kerndoel 13: Lezen en luisteren De leerling leert strategieën te gebruiken bij het verwerven van informatie uit gesproken en geschreven Engelstalige teksten.Read & understand texts, they will be listening at lyrics and  clips, and they have to make choices based on what they are  told or what they read.                                                                                              

Kerndoel 14: Omgaan met informatiebronnen De leerling leert in Engelstalige schriftelijke en digitale bronnen informatie te zoeken, te ordenen en te beoordelen op waarde voor hemzelf en anderen.ICT-skills, the internet is their main source for information.Assess & use information. After sorting and selecting information they have to use this in order to successfully complete their assignments. Internet sources. Knowledge of art,media etc. They have to watch  video clips and they browse through the internet looking for information to make their choices.  

Cultural aspect: Which type of restaurant will they choose? Does the menu fit to their choice? Is the name catchy and does the menu match with the name, interior, exterior and the menu they present? They will reflect on their own process. The pupils are going to do this by filling in the evaluation forms at the end of the Webquest.


Testing the goals: Under resources the learners can find all the information they need. The rubric provides the information where they will be tested and quantified on. 

Teachers page;


Step 1 : 

From this point on the pupils will work by themselves. Your task as a teacher is to coach them and to guide their process. Tell them to bring their earphones to avoid distraction in a noisy classroom. They have to present their business plan  to the rest of the class.


    Useful: Just let them use the physical business plan and additional no Powerpoint presentation.Just ask everyone what the content of their business plan is and how they experienced the Webquest ( evaluation form ). They can tell which problems they endured what was fun and what they have learned.(new vocabulary, improving their skills on searching the internet etc.) Five minutes for each presentation  should be more than enough, since this group of learners are usually very inhibited to speak in front of class. Of course you can leave out the presentation. However it completes the 4 skills they are learning.                                                                                                    

 Step 2: Before starting the actual Webquest you can start by showing the you tube clip of Gordon Ramsey or “how to make a business plan”  in class or let them watch it individually before they begin. After watching the clip they start with thinking of a name for their own restaurant. They have to find a matching interior and exterior. Links are provided to help the learners with their search to make a choice. They have to print the pictures and use them for their business plan.                

Step 3: This step will take up more of their time than the second step. They have to use the links provided to choose their head chef for their restaurant. Every famous head chef has their own “signature dish “ . Which is it? Following their choice they have to write a small story on the head chef. Why did they choose the head chef? Do they like the food or the person. Let them add pictures of the signature dish and the head chef to make the story complete.

Step 4:Now they have to make the menu card they are going to use for their restaurant. They have to use the link and select a example they like before printing it out. They have to use the words ‘starters’,’head course’ and ‘desert’ They can look up other useful FOOD words in the dictionary link in the webquest.The menu card has to be presentable .

Step 5 : In this step they get to make a poster for the Grand-Opening. They need to find an artist they would like to open their restaurant and provide the music.Certain information on the poster is required. The name of the restaurant, the date and time, the location, the name of the head-chef and part of the menu and the name of the VIP. Don’t let them forget to make a slogan! They can add pictures. make drawings of make the poster using the computer. The message is; be creative!  

Step 6:When all the assignments are finalized they have to prepare for their presentation. They will start by looking back and recap on all the things they did in this Webquest.There are certain requirements that their assignments have to meet, these are explained to them on the website quite clearly. It is required to fill in the evaluation form.         

Notification: You can give them as much time for each step as you think they need, but make sure you set a deadline for each assignment. We gave you an indication. However the difference in level can make you decide to change the timetable.    

Step 7: How to assess their work and their presentation? The rubric provides you and the learners with the information you and they need.  

                      Good luck and have fun!

                    Claudia Laan & Willeke Vriend

                             November 2011

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