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Task 1: Discovery Task

You will be required to study in detail the main processes within the Nitrogen Cycle that is responsible for recycling the element Nitrogen within our ecosystem. Exploring the Nitrogen Cycle can be done through watching a few animations and videos. You will be required to attempt a few quizzes and fun games in order to test and evaluate your understanding of the Nitrogen Cycle.

Task 2: Evaluation Task

You will be given an article reporting various human activities that affects the Nitrogen Cycle and its consequences on the surrounding environment. You are required to download a worksheet where you will answer the questions given using the article provided.

Task 3: Journalistic Task

You will provide a report on " The elevated number of Blue babies as a result of poor Water Quality". This report will be based on your information gathering skills and ability to collate information and provide a short report on Blue-baby Syndrome. Your report will go on this week's newspaper to help raise public awareness within your country.

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