Measurement, Graphing, and Safety



Your team has been assigned to create a top 10 list of safety rules we should have in our lab. You will use the links provided. You and your team will present your top 10 to the class, and we will all vote on our most commonly chosen rules for our lab.  We will graph the results in class. 

You will also complete all of the assignments in this WebQuest in your interactive notebook.   By completing this WebQuest, you should achieve the following goals: 1) linst common steps in any scientific investigation; 2) use the power of the Internet for advanced exploration; 3) learn information about key aspects of lab safety; 4) identify lab safety violations; 5) make measurements with scientific tools with accuracy and precision; 6) create and interpret graphs to analyze and predict from data; 7) manipulate equations to solve for variables; 8) identify proper units for various measurements; 8) analyze available information to solve real world problems; 9) describe the contributions of Galileo to study the work of science; 10) work with teammates.



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