Paying for College


Please complete the tasks in this order: 

Value of a College Education

What I learned from college

Understanding College Costs

What is FAFSA & how does it work?

Grants, Loans, and Scholarships

Evaluation on simplifying student loans. 


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  • Value of a college education
    Description: Description: 1. Calculate the value of getting a college education (e.g., Bachelor’s Degree) using the chart provided and assuming a 40 year career. **(Remember, this shows the earnings per WEEK. Make sure to convert that to earnings per YEAR to find the 40-year total) 2. Now calculate the 40-year career earnings for a student that has only completed high school. 3. How much more value are you creating for yourself over a 40-year career by completing college?

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  • What I Learned From College
    Description: Description: Description: There are many things to gain from college besides just being able to get higher paying jobs. Watch each of these videos from college students describing what college taught. For the video, write a one sentence summary of what that student gained from college and attach it as a separate word document.

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  • Understanding College Costs
    Description: Note: You need to click on a category to read the description of it, or you can click “Open All” and see the descriptions for all categories When attending college, your costs will go towards a few general categories. After looking over the list of categories, answer the following questions: 1) Rank the five categories in order from most expensive to least expensive 2) In 2-3 sentences, explain why you ranked the categories in that order

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  • What is FAFSA & how does it work?
    Description: Watch the video and answer the questions about FAFSA. What does FAFSA stand for? When should you complete the FAFSA if you are going to be starting school in the fall? Where can you go to complete FAFSA? What documents do you need to complete FAFSA?

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  • Grants, Loans, and Scholarships
    Description: The following link is for you to review what grants, loans and scholarships mean and how they can be used to pay for college.

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