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Before starting, open a blank Word doc and title it "Political Culture Webquest".   Make sure your name and date on in the top right hand corner.   Save this to your home directory now.   When you are finished with Part A and B below, print your answers to the activities and turn it in to the sub. DO NOT EMAIL TO ME. This is all due today!  Text or edmodo me if you have questions!   And DON'T LOOK AT THE SUN!

Part A)  "The Big Sort"

First read "The Big Sort".   When you are finished, type answers to the following questions in your Word document.  Label this section with a sub heading called "The Big Sort".  Number your answers 1-3.    Double space your answers, and answer thoughtfully in your own words.  You need to type at least a half page answer for each question below.   Be thoughtful...pretend a college professor is going to read your answers to decide if you really understood this entire reading.   If you use quotes from the text, make sure to put it in quotes.  Citations aren't necessary.

Click here to read and then answer the following:

1. What does Bill Bishop mean when he is talking about the “Big Sort”?  Give examples to support your description.

2. What are the political implications of the sorting that he’s talking about for communities?  For our country?

3. Think about the communities you are associated with such as your neighborhood, school, extracurricular groups, religious association, etc. – do Bishop’s points apply to those communities?  Explain how your circle of friends and neighbors either have or have not "sorted".

Part B)  "How Thick is Your Bubble"

Next, you are going to take an online survey that determines how insulated you might be from other types of communities.  Some of these questions are geared towards adults, but you should answer them as you think you might answer as you are older.  For example, do you think you'll buy a pickup truck?   When you are finished, on your word document, make a subtitle call this "My Bubble Results".   Write a short reflection that includes 1) your score and its meaning, 2) whether or not you think most of Southeast Raleigh would score similar and for what reasons, and 3) what this idea of people living in bubbles means for us in a political/elections context.  When you're ready to take the survey, click here.

When you are finished, print your word document with your name and date on it and turn it in to me.   DO NOT EMAIL OR ESHARE WITH ME.

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