What Causes Poverty?



1.      What is the minimum wage in your state?  What is the cost of living in your community?  Can a full-time worker who earns minimum wage support his or her family? 

2.     You will research poverty percentages and minimum wages for your local community of Marion, Ohio. You will analyze statistical data and generate an inference and determine what are possible causes of poverty in your local community.

3.  You will reference statistical data used to make you inference. What websites did you research statistics on poverty? What statistics informed your inference? Research and analyze at least 5 statistical data resources before writing your inference.

4.     After you write your inference on what is a possible cause of poverty in your local community, you will list possible solutions to the problem. 

5.     Your final task will be to create a visual product(poster, short commercial, PowerPoint, etc.) that will educate others on causes of poverty in your local community. There is no correct opinion, just remember to support it with facts and research. There also needs to be a"take action" piece in your presentation. This is where you ask people to help solve poverty and share your possible solutions to the problem.

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