Because there's so much written about Leo, The Gene George Detective Agency has decided to hire some extra private investigators on a temporary basis to help "work their case."  After discovering some facts about Da Vinci, it's obvious that he was gifted in a number of areas.  The temporarily hired investigators will be divided into three teams.  Each team will go on a "quest" to learn more about Leo from the perspective of him as an:

1.  Artist and Sculptor

2.  Inventor and Engineer

3.  Scientist

Your team will prepare a product & an oral presentation to be given to the Manager of Gene George Detective Agency as well as its Board of Directors (who will be in attendance also).  Each group's product & presentation must include samples of Leo's thinking & work in your designated area & represent what you have learned about him.

The Board of Directors has informed the Manager that he will be able to offer permanent employment to the members of the team that best demonstrates their understanding of Leo's accomplishments, his impact, & why he's often referred to as the "True" Renaissance man. 

Good luck, detectives, on your quest to understand the impact that this one man had in his lifetime as well as in today's society.  To help you do this, divide up your team so that each of you researches one of the 3 areas listed above.  You'll meet with some other detectives who've also chosen this same area.  This group will be called your "expert group."  With your expert group, you'll begin your research in your selected area.  After you've become an expert on da Vinci in this area, you'll return to your main group, your "home group"  where you'll share with your partner detectives what you've learned so far.  From there, you'll continue your research together & dig even deeper into da Vinci's Renaissance world.  When ready, you'll produce several products & prepare your presentation with your home group for the Manager & Board of Directors.  If selected, your scholarly efforts will turn into a permanent employment opportunity for your team.  Good luck on your quest for knowledge, & may the best team win!

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