Canadian Explorers



Now that you have chosen your explorer, it's time to begin your research.

Using the Researching My Explorer sheet, find information that will help you answer each of the 4 questions you'll be researching:

     - Describe the explorer's early life.
     - Why did he begin exploring and what was he looking for?
     - Where did he explore? What route did he take?
     - What happened as a result of his explorations?

Now, scroll down to find your explorer and use the internet links to find information.
*Make sure you have enough information on your explorer. If you feel you don't have enough...choose a different explorer!*
There are even some videos below that will provide you with some facts as well.

All About Explorers

Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier - from Academic Kids
Jacques Cartier - from Thinkquest
Jacques Cartier - also from Thinkquest
Watch the video below about Jacques Cartier

John Cabot

John Cabot - from Academic Kids
John Cabot - from BBC History
John Cabot - from Thinkquest
John Cabot - also from Thinkquest
John Cabot - from Enchanted Learning
Watch the video below about John Cabot

Henry Hudson

The Life & Voyages of Henry Hudson
Henry Hudson - from Academic Kids
Henry Hudson
- also from Thinkquest
Henry Hudson - from World Book Online (will only work at school)
Henry Hudson - from Ducksters

Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain - from Academic Kids
Samuel de Champlain - from Encyclopedia.com
Samuel de Champlain - from Thinkquest.com
Samuel de Champlain - from World Book Online (will only work at school)

George Vancouver

George Vancouver - from Historylink
George Vancouver - from World Book Online (will only work at school)
George Vancouver - from Vancouver Maritime Museum
George Vancouver - from the Vancouver Sun (a map of his voyages)

James Cook

James Cook - from World Book Online (will only work at school)
James Cook - from BBC History
James Cook - from Apex
James Cook - from Zoomwhales
James Cook - from Ducksters
James Cook - from The Kids Window

Watch the short video below about James Cook

Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser - from the Canadian Encyclopedia
Simon Fraser - from InfoPlease
Simon Fraser - from World Book Online (will only work at school)

Simon Fraser - from SFU

Simon Fraser - from AllVoices
Simon Fraser - from Essay-eh


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