Like or Dislike Facebook



  • Your task is to work in two groups to research for the pros and cons of using Facebook. Your group has to stand on the one side of the controversies, whether pros or cons. Your group should find sources or informations related to their opinion about facebook on the web, book, magazines or articles.
  • Based on the information and sources which support your group's opinion, your group has to make a 10-15 minute presentation to the class. Your group present opinion about pros or cons of using Facebook. In the presentation, your group must use one of the method of presentation like Microsoft Powerpoint or Prezi.
  • After group presentations, each group members should participate in the whole class discussion. Class discussion is based on the question which is suggested from the group presentation. In the discussion, group members can debate with other group member's about the opinion on the Facebook.
  • Each group has to make summary of their opinion on the issue of Facebook. This paper should be more than three pages. It has to contain sufficient reasons and evidence for your group's opinion.

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