A Journey to Africa



Students will be able to...

gain a basic knowledge of the map of Africa and know the location of Kenya, Africa and be able to identify it on a map.

–research the many different landforms and terrain of Kenya, Africa and understand how the land effects the people’s lifestyles

–explore the various cultures through traditions, music, food, storytelling, languages, wildlife, economy, geography, topography, climate, people, animals, attractions, populations, sights, languages, and the cultures.

–Use the information collected to develop a creative and informative brochure for an imaginary travel company.

–discover the tale of “Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock” and explore the main ideas and lessons within the story.

discuss what students feel is the importance of storytelling and the ways in which stories get passed on throughout history.

–brainstorm and reflect on the classroom’s different cultures.

–bring together everything that has been discovered about African history, geography, culture, and lifestyle to demonstrate a deep understanding with a festival.

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