Test your knowledge! How much do you know about cyberbullying? Let's find out!

Question #1

An example of “cyberbullying” is:

Question #2

I am completely safe when I’m surfing the Internet because:

Question #3

I can report cyberbullying to a teacher, counselor, or another trusted adult at school, even if the harassment is not happening at school.

Question #4

If someone is sending me harassing e-mails at home and tells me to keep the e-mails a secret, I should ignore the threat and tell an adult at home or school immediately.

Question #5

If someone asks to meet you in person over the Internet, you should:

Question #6

If a friend you met on the Internet starts sending you gifts, you should:

Question #7

If I receive a nasty, threatening, inappropriate, or sexually suggestive e-mail, I should:

Question #8

Before sending an e-mail, which contains hurtful information about a friend at school, I should ask myself “could I get in trouble for sending this e-mail”?

Question #9

You should always tell your parents if someone on the Internet makes you feel uncomfortable in any way?

Question #10

If I get an e-mail with an attachment from someone I don’t know, I should:

Question #11

Cyberbullying occurs on:

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