1. As a class, we are going to try and identify key characteristics of cyberbullying and what we think it is.
  2. Everyone is going to take a quiz that asks them a series of questions relating to cyberbullying. It can be found at this link here: javascript:nicTemp();
  3. The next day, I am going to put together the results so that as a class we can discuss how much you know about cyberbullying.
  4. I have put you into groups of 4 and you will put on a short skit (about 5 minutes) about a topic related to cyberbullying that I have assigned for you. The skits will be filmed by me (unless you are not comfortable with it) and I will post them on our classroom website. You will find the groups at this link here: javascript:nicTemp();
  5. You will share the skit with the class 


Description: Here is an example of the type of skit you can do to demonstrate the effects of cyberbullying.

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