A webquest for soccer (all ages)

Soccer Rules and Basic Skill Questions

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Question #1

How many players do you normally play with on the field?

Question #2

What part of the foot do you use when passing the ball?

Question #3

A yellow card means what? A red card means what?

Question #4

What part of the foot do you dribble with?

Question #5

What formation is the most commonly used in soccer?

Question #6

What part of the foot do you Shoot with?

Question #7

True/False: A goalie can pick up a ball passed with the feet by their own team?

Question #8

True/False: When dribbling a ball, you should always keep the ball in control, and in front of you?

Question #9

If the ball crosses partly but not entirely over the sideline touched last by team a, then what does team b do?

Question #10

You have to have how many players on the field to start the game?

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