A webquest for soccer (all ages)



  1. Students will be assigned to a group of 3.
  2. Students should discuss who will be assigned what task in order to get the most out of this assignment.
  3. Students will need to access the resources I provide to gather information which will be on the test.
  4. Students will need to view the instructional videos so you will be able to identify certain movements and what they are called.
  5. When all resources have been reviewed and all videos have been watched the students should organize information. Seperate it into 2 categories: Laws of the game, and basic movements.
  6. At the end of this tutorial students will choose a formation they would use to play a match, and explaining their logic, make a presentation.

Refer to these websites for help: http://www.soccer-training-guide.com/basic-soccer-skills; http://socref.net/#_Laws_and_Interpretations;


Description: Dribbling a soccer ball!

  • File
    Description: Laws of the Game according to the United States Soccer Federation.

Description: How to shoot!

Description: Changing speed of dribble!

Description: Changing direction while dribbling!

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