"A Modest Proposal" - Katie Tilley



1-   After an introduction to this unit, you will create a list of at least 5 societal issues the U.S. is currently facing, as well as provide 2-3 resources for each issue to use as supporting evidence. This will provide you with a solid foundation to build of off in order to choose a topic that is worthwhile.

2-    Now you will narrow down that list by choosing the topic of most interest to you. This topic must allow you to conduct large amounts of research, as well as write a 5-6 minute speech that you will present in class. Popular topics such as health care and education are acceptable; however, I encourage you to branch out choosing a topic that is not common.

3-    You will be given the exact rubric I will use to grade your speeches to assist you in your research and writing so you should reference this frequently throughout your process. After watching two Presidential speeches in class you will also have these videos to reference in your preparation. Keep in mind how you felt watching those videos. Were you hooked, bored, compelled, etc? Use these strategies in your own writing.

4-    Use the time you’re given in class to put a large dent in your project in order to minimize outside work! This is also a great time to collaborate with other students if you get stuck in your process. Your colleagues are a great resource, as am I.

5-    Once you have completed your research and written your speech you will present it in class as if you were addressing the citizens of the United States. I expect you to behave in a professional way and take this seriously.

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