Music Videos and Storylines



Here are the steps you will take to complete this assignment:

1.     You will work individually on this project but you may ask those around you for help or me for help.

2.     Find a music video that you enjoy but also tells a story. If you are stuck on where to start I have some videos that you are welcome to use. (# 1-7 Resources) If you prefer a different music video it must be appropriate and I must approve it before you start. You may want to use YouTube (Resource #9) to find a music video. 

3. After you view your music video a couple of times begin to pull it apart, to figure out what the storyline is. 

4. Fill out the graphic organizer to help you outline your story for your book. (# 8 Resource) Answer the TAP questions. (# 10 Resource)

5. Once you have done your graphic organizer outline for your story you will begin to make a paper book with that storyline. This book may be a book with words and pictures or just a picture book. Get creative and have fun you can create this anyway you want. 

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