The Three Little Pigs



Prior Knowledge: Present students with some real straw, a few sticks, and a real brick.  Let students touch each material and discuss its texture, weight, sturdiness, etc. Ask students to think of a story that they have probably heard that includes all three types of materials. Encourage students to tell you what they already know about the story. Some students may say different things regarding what happens to the wolf at the end, etc. Explain to students that The Three Little Pigs has many different versions and each story is written a little differently.
Then play the story and let students have the copy of the text.
Provide the students with printed pages from the story, let them choose and then colour the pages.
Put the children into small groups of 2 or three and make them think about the questions provided and answer them. Then sit together in a circle, let children relax and talk about their answers.
The last task is to have students act out the story. You will need three pigs, one mother pig, one wolf, three peddlers, and one person to point to the retelling chart sentences containing the repetitive words.

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