The French Revolution



1. Break into groups of three or four.

2. As a group, research what groups and types of people made up each of the three estates found in France before the Revolution.

3. After you are familiar with each estate, choose one to examine the events of the French Revolution through the eyes of.

4. Use the links below to research causes, events, and the various forms of government that were created duirng the French Revolution. Pay particular attention to how each of these affected the estate you are a member of.

5. Create a PowerPoint presentation describing your invovlement in different events, your support of Revolutionary ideas, and how you were affected by the new governments. You should include at least 3 causes, 3 events, and 3 governments.

6. You will present your PowerPoint to the rest of the class upon completion.


The following links are a great way to get you started, but feel free to use any other websites you think are helpful.

The sections labeled "Causes of the French Revolution" and "Overview" are especially helpful:

Great overview with links to definitions, places, events, and people:

These three websites are very detailed, but contain good information on the people of each estate the causes and events of the French Revolution:

The "explore" tab links to a great article about counter-revolutionaries. Also provides many images for the PowerPoint:

A VERY detailed outline of the French Revolution:

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