Equal Rights



The world programme on human rights education, Phase 1 (2005-7) sets out the process of education as meeting the following seven objectives to:

(1) Define categories of rights

Promote the interdependence, indivisibility and universality of human rights, including:

  • Civil rights,

  • Political rights,

  • Economic rights,

  • Social rights

  • Cultural rights

  • Development rights

  • Ecological rights

(2) Oppose discrimination based on diversity

Foster respect for and appreciation of differences, and opposition to discrimination on the basis of

  • race,

  • sex,

  • language,

  • religion,

  • political or other opinion,

  • national,

  • ethnic or social origin,

  • physical or mental condition

(3) Address rights problems

Encourage analysis of chronic and emerging human rights problems such as:

  • poverty,

  • violent conflicts

  • and discrimination,

which would lead to solutions consistent with human rights standards;

(4) Identify needs for rights

Empower communities and individuals to identify their human rights needs and to ensure that they are met;

(5) Evaluate pace of development of rights

Build on the human rights principles embedded within the different cultural contexts and take into account historical and social developments in each country;

(6) Protect rights under threat

Foster knowledge, skills and critical analysis to use local, national, regional and international human rights instruments and mechanisms for the protection of human rights;

(7) Inform people about their rights

Foster teaching and learning environments free from want and fear that encourage

  • participation,

  • enjoyment of human rights

  • the full development of the human personality

  • transform human rights from the expression of abstract norms to the reality of their social, economic, cultural and political conditions

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