From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler



  • The whole class will read "From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.
  • You will be assigned a partner in your classroom. 
  • Each pair will then be allocated a specific painting or sculpture from "Mrs. Frankweiler's Masterpieces," found on the powerpoint attached to this portion of the web quest. 
  • Next, utilizing the websites listed on the powerpoint located next to the respective piece, you are to research the following information:
  1. The artist and general information regarding the artist - name, birthday, date of death, religion, any significant life achievements, and any trials or tribulations she/he endured. 
  2. The estimated date of creation
  3.  Any and all techniques and materials used by artist to create the piece.
  4. The history behind the piece:  where was it made, why, when was it discovered, has it been on display at any other museums, how much is it worth?
  5. Where in the museum would this piece be located - Link to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  6. Any symbolism or meaning behind the piece.
  7. Any additional information that might spark someone's interest in the specific piece.
  • Keep in mind while you are researching the following questions:   Are these sites authoritative? Who are the authors? What are their credentials?

    * Does the site have high-quality information, or does it just look good?

    * If you can't establish credibility, do others with established credibility confirm the information?

    Remember to use skepticism when using web sites to be sure the information is credible.

  • Once you have compiled the data listed above, you and your partner must organize the information in an outline, using the attached "Outline of Information" to aid you in writing your report.
  • Once your data is organized, create a script incorporating the information as if you were a docent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Finally, present your specific piece of art to the class using your docent script on "Opening Night." 


  • File
    Description: Outline of Information

  • File
    Description: Powerpoint - Mrs. Frankweiler's Masterpieces

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