Animal Cell Parts



# 1 You will watch a short video about a human thyroid cell. Notice how everything is within something larger (cell within thyroid gland, gland within human). Use this information to begin your cell descriptions

# 2 You will be identifying different cell parts and their function using the Cells Alive! website. With the data that you've gathered from the website, you will be able to correctly determine what each animal cell part does in order to keep the whole cell working properly. You will also be able to describe the cell parts' appearances from your exploration of this website. The worksheet that you have been given has blanks for both the function of the cell parts and their descriptions. Don't forget to fill out both blanks! You can draw the cell parts instead if describing them if you wish.

# 3 Now that you know a little about animal cells, click the next link and play a game. If you get all of the answers correct, you get a colorful surprise! If you don't, that's alright- just try again.

# 4 Cells are complex little things. This quiz will ask you some pretty difficult questions, but I know that you can answer them! Take the quiz until you get all of the questions correct. When you do, you'll get to see the cell divide! This process of cell division is why our hair grows, our fingernails grow, and why we grow taller and stronger!

# 5 This last animation will get you thinking about our next lesson in cells. Like every living thing, cells reproduce. This animation shows you the steps of mitosis, which is the process that parent cells undergo in order to create the daughter cells. Pay close attention because you'll need this information for tomorrow!

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