Poison Dart Frogs and Their Habitat



This lesson is completed with a partner, together complete the following steps. 

Step 1  Research poison dart frogs.
  • Review four webquest pages on poison dart frogs
  • Visit suggested websites on reference page to learn more about poison dart frogs.
Step 2  Review the Save the Frogs Slideshow.

Step 3  Brainstorm up to three possible solutions to save to save the poison dart frogs with your partner. 

Step 4 Create the power point presentation to share with classmates.  Use the seven seven rule, no more than seven lines per slide and no more than seven words per line.  The presentation must include:
  1. Title Page.
  2. One to two slides presenting general information regarding poison dart frogs.
  3. Slide stating the problem.
  4. One to five slides stating possible solutions (one slide per solution, more slides can be added for more solutions.)
  5. Conclusion slide that sums up the problem statement and solutions in 3-5 sentences. 
  6. (Optional) Credits page (only if credits are not included on the title page).

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