Extreme Weather




Follow the process below to complete your research.

  1. Scroll down and find the internet links about your extreme weather condition.
  2. Click and READ through the information in each link.
  3. Look for KEYWORDS and information that will help answer the
    guide questions of your report.
  4. Write down facts on the Collecting Information Form provided to you.
    Remember to only use one sheet for each question you research.
  5. There are also some videos below that may help in your research.
  6. Don't forget to answer ALL of the questions for your report.

When you have finished your research, go on to the Presentation section.

Questions to be answered in your research:
          - describe your extreme weather condition. What is it and
             how is it formed?
          - explain where (and when) the extreme weather typically
          - explain how the extreme weather affects living things.
          - explain how the extreme weather affects non-living things.

You can find links to your extreme weather in the following websites.

World Book Kids - type in your extreme weather for information. This link will not work if you are working from a home computer.
KidInfo - Science and Weather - Scroll down to see information about your extreme weather, but not all links will be at your reading level.

Extreme Weather


Weatherwizkids.com - Hurricanes
Web Weather for Kids - Hurricanes
KidStorm - Hurricanes


Weatherwizkids.com - Tornadoes
Web Weather for Kids - Tornadoes
KidStorm - Tornadoes

Rain & Floods

Weatherwizkids.com - Rain & Floods
Flash Flood Story
Flood Safe Kids
All About Floods

Thunderstorms & Lightning

Weatherwizkids.com - Thunderstorms
Weatherwizkids.com - Lightning
Web Weather for Kids - Thunderstorms
Web Weather for Kids - Lightning
KidStorm - Lightning

Blizzards (Snowstorms)

Weatherwizkids.com - Winter Storms
Web Weather for Kids - Blizzards and Winter Weather

All library books about weather can be found in the 551 non-fiction section.


How Hurricanes Work
How A Hurricane is Born
How Lightning Forms

What Causes Thunder & Lightning?
What is a Tornado?
Floods 101
Severe Weather

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