Agent P's Top Secret Multiplication Mission



Mission 1:  What is Multiplication?

Let's get growing!  Doofensmirtz has begun his evil works.  It's up to you to put an end to his mischief by using multiplication, but first you must get familiar with how it works.  Watch this brief video clip to get to know a bit about multiplication.
Click here:  javascript:nicTemp();

Mission 2:  Let's Multiply

Now, you know a little bit about multiplication.  It's time for you to understand how it works by watching this video.  You will better know how multiplication is simply addition on a larger scale.  Take your time and pay close attention, because you must know this in order to defend the Tri-state area from Doofensmirtz.   
Click here:  javascript:nicTemp();

Mission 3:  Familiar Facts

Doofensmirtz is gaining on you!  Hurry!  You must get familiar with your multiplication facts in order to foil his awful plans.  Click here:  javascript:nicTemp();, here:  javascript:nicTemp();, and here:  (Click on "Multiplication Facts", select your time and the number of practice problems, and start practicing) javascript:nicTemp();

Mission 4:  Two for One

In order to really be prepared for Doofensmirtz's ridiculous scheme, you must be ready for any and everything!  Let's put your familiar facts to work in overdrive by multiplying single digit numbers by 2-digits.    
Click here:  javascript:nicTemp(); and here:  (Click on "Multiplication of 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers with and without regrouping", select your time and the number of practice problems, and start practicing)  javascript:nicTemp();  

Mission 5:  Two for Two

So far, so good!  Now, let's get to multiplying with even larger numbers.  I know you can do it, so don't let the Tri-state area down.  They're depending on you to save them.  
Click here:  javascript:nicTemp();, and here:  javascript:nicTemp();

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