King Arthur



To begin this quest, thou shalt be assigned a mighty task to perform.  Thine Queen shalt endow thee with one of the following quests:


1.  Research the Feudal System, including Knighthood. You will be the expert on the Culture of Feudalism.  You will research the culture during the Feudalistic period. You will provide information and type a summary on the everyday life of people- the social classes, food, enterainment, and dress. You will also provide at least 2 images associated with your topic.

2.  Research the legends of the mighty King Arthur.You will be the expert of the Legends of King Arthur. You will research the legends and provide a brief summary of what the Legends of King Arthur really are and provide a picture of King Arthur.

3.  Research the places surrounding the King Arthur legends. You will research the archeological sites assoicated with the Legends of King Arthur. You must give a brief summary of the sites associated with the Legends of King Arthur and what their present -day names are. You will provide images of the sites during the time of King Arthur and present day.

4. The following characters must be researched.You will find the who, what, when, where, and why of your character and how he or she relates in the legends of King Arthur.  You will write a summary on your character and include at least one image. 
     A.  King Arthur
     B.  Queen Guinevere
     C.  Morgan Le Faye
     D.  Mordred
      E.  Merlin
     F.  Lady of the Lake


1.  Open and print a copy of the 2 column note-taking template.  You will use this to gather your information.  

2.   Complete your research using the websites provided.

3.   Find the images you need for your poster.

4.   Create your poster, make sure to include everything described in your quest.

5.   Everyone should create 3 questions based on their research.  These questions and the answers to the questions should be attached to the back of your mini-poster.  Please create questions that will make your students think!


Be sure to go to the Evaluation and Conclusion tabs to complete this quest.  

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