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As a researcher you will need resources to assist your research, you will need all three things to make the gears turn smoothly: 

1. Research Materials 

* Data Sheet

* Adaptation Report

* New Species 

2. Animal Selection 

* Orca - Killer Whale ~javascript:nicTemp(); ~ javascript:nicTemp();

3. Plant Selection

* Eucalypts Tree ~ javascript:nicTemp(); 

3. Report Hints 

* Remember your Audience International Conservation Agency 

* Use your research information and technical words your have learnt about

* Start with an interesting introduction paragraph. Beginning Sentence like "During my exploration i have come across lots of informative research on animals and plants looking at their physical features and adaptive ability". 

* Finish your report with a concluding statement that shares your thoughts on if you believe the animals and plants you researched are adapting to their environment. 

4. Creating your New Species 

The Research is finished! It is time for you to create a species of animals or plants that are adaptive to a certain current environment you speak of. Write a clear and informative description on it appearance, environment and adaptation. 

After you have finished the description of your animal or plant species you need to create a Claymation showing your species active in its environment and draw a picture of it. 

Be Creative !!

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