Découvrons Montreal!


Task 1:

Your first task (individually or in small groups) is to plan and present your day trip proposal to the class in the form of a two minute oral presentation. Explore the resources below. Your presentation should include a schedule of the days events, for which you will need to adhere to the given budget and time frames. You may choose to do your presentation with powerpoint or using the videocamera - be as creative as you like! Your goal is to convince the group to vote for your proposal.

Task 2:

Your second task is to convince our area supervisor (aka. "The Head Cheese") to approve your field trip proposal. You will need to convince him or her that the trip will not only be fun but also educational before they will approve the request form! Write a 2-3 paragraph persuasive piece explaining how this trip would support curriculum expectations, how it will help engage us in French language and culture and how it relates to what we have been learning about in class.

(N'oubliez pas - en francais S.V.P!)


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