Exploring Nature's Fury



Stage 1- Research:

1. Choose one of the following types of Nature's Fury: Earthquake, Tornado, Hurricane, or Volcano
2. Click on the note-taking graphic organizer link at the bottom of this page and print it out. You will use this graphic organizer to record the information you find as you research. The sections in your graphic organizer will be the main topics that you will use when creating your VoiceThread project.
3. Use the links and videos below to find information for the type of Nature's Fury you chose.
4. Your reading book is also a great resource to use to gather information. 
5. You are finished with the research stage when your graphic organizer has information filled in for each category. 






Get to know Warren Faidley:

Warren's storm chasing pictures and researchhttp://www.stormchaser.com/


Hurricane Hunter's Photo album: http://www.pbase.com/sdommin/hurricanes


Stage 2- Planning:

1. When your graphic organizer is complete, begin writing your rough copy for your VoiceThread presentation that will be used as your evaluation for joining Warren Faidley's team. Be sure to outline your research into the 7 different sections that were provided in your graphic organizer. 

2. Use your graphic organizer as an outline for the information that you will include in your VoiceThread. 

3.Read carefully over the instructions below for creating your VoiceThread.

4. Use the rubric in the evaluation section to review how you will be graded.  

5.  After your rough copy is written take a peer and self editing sheet from the Writing Center. You must complete the self-edit first then find a partner to peer edit your writing.

6. Your partner will return your editing sheet and your rough copy with any comments or corrections that were made. Please carefully read over their comments and write your final copy. 


There are 2 parts to creating your final project:

Part 1: Your VoiceThread will be submitted to Warren Faidley and Miss Polise for grading before you are able to join his Storm Chasing team. Your VoiceThread should be at least 3-5 minutes long and include at least 7 pictures. All pictures used for creating your presentation will come from the picture links listed above. For my students to save pictures and upload to VoiceThread:  save them in the Public Folder titled Polise and create a folder with your first and last name

Part 2: Create a Model of your Nature's Fury to share with the class after showing your VoiceThread.  Your model will be worked on at home and is due one week after beginning your WebQuest. You may use the classroom art supplies for the creation of your model as well as anything you choose to purchase or use from home. 

Stage 3- Creating your VoiceThread:

1. Log into VoiceThread using your email and password that have been given to you. 
2. Click the link http://voicethread.com/ 
3. Create your VoiceThread by uploading your photos, sequence them in the order of your choice, and narrate your presentation using the information outlined in your final copy. 
4. Publish your final presentation and please invite me to listen to your finished project!

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